The Eagle View - Splended, Tranquil & Comfortable

The Eagle View, which is located on the second floor of the B&B, will feel like a home away from home. The incredible direct Adirondack lake and sunset views can be enjoyed on the room's deck/balcony. The B&B is so close to the water that you'll feel like you're staying in a luxury boathouse. Bring a favorite book or one that you've wanted to read for a long time - with such serenity, you will surely finish it here.

This Adirondack suite features a conversation table with chairs, cable television and a private bath. A sliding glass door opens to a balcony with seating are for two where guests enjoy lake and sunset views. The balcony has a screened door to allow the glass door to remain open, at your preference.

Guests are strongly encouraged to review the reservation details and property policy prior to booking a reservation.

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